Plastic Window Sign

WindBlade Mount (Hardware Not Included)
WindBlade Mount (Hardware Not Included)
20-Degree AngleParallel (Out & Up Parallel to Wall)Perpendicular (Straight Up)

Item Number: WB-MOUNT

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WindBlade Pole Kits include a heavy-duty stainless-steel, rotating stake for staking WindBlade into grass. No grass? Stainless-steel, Wall-Mounts securely attach WindBlades to side of building, roof, sidewalk, parking bumpers, fence or any flat surface. Internal ball-bearings allow banner to rotate slightly in wind - creating less drag for longer life. Choose from 3 styles: Perpendicular (Straight-Up); Parallel (Out and Up - parallel to wall); Angle (20-degree angle). Bolts/Screws not included.